Consultancy and Research

Consultancy and Research

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Our research team will research the best methods to optimise your product sales in China and Hong Kong in your sector of choice. The research is sector specific. You will be allocated an experienced consultant who will assist you. We will need to know your company name, target audience and target Chinese region. The research and report will take 7 days. You don't need to incorporate a company in China to sell into China. We will help you pick the best method to begin your sales, whether it be done through E-commerce, a sales agency, distributor or international fulfillment centres.


Our clients have been from Beers, Spirits, Retail, Electronics, Apparel and Machinery.


Please contact if you want comprehensive tailored market research project done for your business. We provide a full range of market research services, from branding, understanding your customers, pricing strategy while tailoring the service to you.


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